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Explore Michigan in a beautiful, modern camper! We offer Delivery & Setup Anywhere in Michigan! Our campers come fully stocked with all of your camping essentials, so pack light and hit the road to your favorite Michigan ​campground and we'll see you there!

Want to make some extra money?

Consign your RV for rental with us! Just sit back and make money!

It's as simple as 1...2...3!


You tell us when your camper is available.


We advertise your camper and handle the rentals.


You get paid!

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Consigning your camper with us is a great way to make some extra money while you aren't using it! There are many reasons to consign, but here are some of the main reasons:

  • We store your RV on our property FREE of charge!
  • We handle some routine maintenance during the term of your consignment, at no cost to you! (limitations apply)
  • Your RV is Fully Insured under our Commercial Insurance Policy!

For more information, please email us at [email protected]

We are currently interested in renting small to medium sized travel trailers (up to 6,000 pounds dry weight), or any size Class C Motor homes.


Who is responsible for maintaining my RV?

We keep track of all routine scheduled maintenance. We don’t provide the scheduled maintenance, but we will let you know when it is required and can schedule it, and even drop it off at the repair facility for you. Scheduled maintenance costs, except where otherwise stated in your agreement, are your responsibility, but may be subtracted from your profits. We do provide some free maintenance, with limitations. 

Is my RV equipped with a GPS Tracker?

We equip all of our rental units with GPS trackers so when your RV is out on a rental we know exactly where it is at all the time. It will even tell us immediately if a renter is excessively speeding or going someplace they were not authorized. We understand how important your RV is to you, and we won't hesitate to call a renter to tell them to return your RV immediately if they're driving crazy!

How do I know if the Renter is Trustworthy?

Renter Screening is a HUGE deal in our books. In order to protect you, ourselves, and your RV, we thoroughly screen all potential rental customers several days in advance to allow time to catch unforeseen discrepancies. If we are not 100% satisfied with the Renter, we don't release the RV to them. Simple as that.

Can I use my RV while it is Consigned?

YES!!! We have consignment plans that allow you unlimited use of your coach, whenever you like. All we ask is that you either schedule your use in advance, or for a last minute trip make sure your unit is not already booked by a customer. When you do use your unit, it will be fully stocked and cleaned to our high standards, ready for you to hit the road! Just bring your belongings, and take off! When you return it, just take your belongings out and head home; we will take care of the rest!

How do I get paid?

Payments are made monthly and by paper check or bank transfer. Each payment will include a detailed summary of the month prior's report.

Will people be allowed to smoke or bring pets in my RV?

Your RV is your investment, and we respect that! We allow you to decide whether your RV permits smoking or pets. If you tell us your RV is non-smoking or pet-free, we have a ZERO tolerance policy, PERIOD! Upon return, each RV is inspected for damage or evidence of smoking or pets.  Since our fees for disobeying this rule can exceed $500, we rarely have issues with this rule being ignored. Although, we don't stop there! If a renter disobeys the no-smoking or no-pet rule, we perform an extreme deep-clean and deodorizing process. We don't give up until we are satisfied it is as clean as it will get!

What if my RV is damaged?

All renters are charged a $500 security deposit, and any damage to your RV is quickly and professionally repaired and taken from the security deposit. Any damages in excess of the deposit are still fixed and claimed under our insurance.  We do have a detailed checkout and renter orientation on each rental, which greatly reduces the chances of damage to a unit. Although, if at any time we don’t feel comfortable with a renter we will cancel the rental.

Why wouldn't I just rent it out myself?

Renting out your RV yourself is a lot more work than you may realize. You'd be responsible for getting commercial insurance, as your regular insurance will not cover rentals. You'd also have to spend your time detailing & deep cleaning your unit before each rental, screening potential renters, taking payments, completing a rental contract and giving each renter an orientation to show them how everything works. Oh, and don't forget advertising! Even if you manage to tackle all these chores, the work doesn’t stop when they leave with your unit. You'd have to be glued to your phone in case of emergencies and to answer questions about how to operate the RV. Why bother? Just leave it to us to do the hard work!

How do I get started?

Email us at [email protected] to get started or if you have any questions!